A Meaningful Part in Making a Business Plan

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  • Executive Ijmal

Contains the outline of the line of business made, the vision and goals and objectives of the business field. Guide for you, for administrators who sell, consists of 1-2 pages.

  • Foreword

Contains background information such as industry information and the people behind your line of business, industry forms, consultants or experts and layers of stockholders. Not only that, there are also visions, goals and objectives of the business sector to be pursued.

  • Market and Sales Analysis

Market analysis of the products you offer and competitors who have a uniform line of business and the advantages of your business compared to competitors.

  • In Other Means

This is the strategy and programming in selling the business field that is being tried.

  • Creation Analysis

Business surgical system. Like how to create your business, whether to produce new objects or increase energy for an item without having to change its form.

  • Analysis of People’s Energy Base

Contains the number of people needed. What is the concept of developing the energy base of people in your business.

  • Financial Analysis

Check income, return on investment, return on investment, leverage leverage calculations, funding in the form of capital that you currently have and how much you need to run a business. Also include details from where you got your current capital.

  • Business Opportunities

Description of the problem in detail and the solution of the problem. Don’t forget to write down the advantages of the business ideas offered and state the goals of your business.

  • Business field execution

Contained about how the line of business is carried out. What is the operational system of your industry. Listed the distribution of services or products that you offer.

  • Addendum

Include letters such as permits that report your business is legal or a deed that is owned by your line of business.

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