Heavy Equipment Maintenance in Mining

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All the heavy equipment found in the mine, such as bulldozers, draglines, and bucket wheel excavators not only serves as a fork equipment for mining activities, but also as a form of industrial capital. The reason is because the value is very large. So, if properly maintained, heavy equipment will be able to work efficiently and efficiently.

Not only that, the safety of equipment activities is safe and strong for longer. In this way, its utilization can create more profit for the industry. The following will discuss in a complete way, various types of mining equipment maintenance that must be tried.

Various Kinds of Heavy Equipment Maintenance

If you are lured down or maybe starting a business in the mining sector, this description of some illustrations of heavy mining equipment maintenance that you must try next may be of use to you.

1. Regular Maintenance (Periodic Maintenance)

In periodic maintenance, heavy equipment is usually checked regularly after the equipment is on duty or is used. This is useful so that it is comfortable and ready to be used in the next timeframe. Checks can be tried every day or every week.

Checks are in the form of checking for sufficient fuel, checking radiator water, checking oil before starting the engine, checking for hydraulics, and checking the battery and cables. The results of periodic maintenance are generally recorded on a check sheet.

2. Regular Oil Collection

Regular oil collection or Schedule Oil Sample (SOS), means to check the condition of the oil. Not only that, it also serves to check the condition of the engine parts. Oil illustration collection is tested on all engine, drive train, hydraulic and end drive systems. The illustration of the oil will then be taken to the SOS makmal belonging to a heavy equipment dealer for a clean analysis.

The wear rate, the presence of pollution, and the coolant solution (fluid analysis). Accurate information is very important when carrying out SOS. The most important concerns things that only heavy equipment owners know such as lack of oil and fatigue from engine work. Makmal SOS could not know the situation.

Therefore, it requires good cooperation between heavy equipment owners and dealers who facilitate SOS inspection services, so that the results of the inspection are also real and find appropriate action suggestions.

3. Overhaul Agenda

Overhaul program is a maintenance that is tried to restore the overall condition of the machine to its initial state according to factory standards at a certain time. The timing is affected by periodic maintenance, the surgical area and the skill of the heavy equipment operator. The 4 types of overhaul that are usually tried are transmission overhaul, final drive overhaul, engine overhaul and general overhaul.

4. Pollution Control (Contamination Control)

Contamination Control (CC) is a treatment aimed at preventing the destruction or shrinkage of engine performance, the effects of contamination of foreign substances that enter the engine, transmission and hydraulic systems of heavy equipment machinery. There are 2 types of pollution that are avoided, namely elemental pollution (metal and dirt) and chemical pollution (water, air and heat).

5. Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)

CBM, is a treatment to make light or heavy damage to heavy equipment machines. After that, I will try to correct it at the same time.

6. Recording

In heavy equipment maintenance activities, it is important to carry out records to keep information up-to-date and accurate. Recording is not only in the form of check sheets but also in the form of paintings and films.

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