Types of exercise that are suitable for parents to try

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Exercising is an activity that needs to be tried on a regular basis. This makes you feel the various benefits of exercising, ranging from helping you control your body weight, avoiding various serious diseases, strengthening muscles and joints, to maximizing psychological health.

Not only for young children or children, exercise should be tried by all ages, including the elderly and the elderly. However, equate the type of exercise you want to try with the health and physical condition of older people. You should follow the description of the types of exercise for adults that are comfortable to try here!

Types of exercise that are suitable for parents to try

Exercise is a significant activity that needs to be tried when you are older. Unfortunately, many older people are no longer active and choose to rest at home. Meanwhile, by being active in sports, the health and strength of older people will be maintained, as a result they are not susceptible to disease.

However, not all types of exercise are suitable for older people or people who fall into the elderly group. So, before choosing the type of exercise you want to try, find out what type of exercise is suitable for older people.

1. Swim

This type of exercise is very suitable for older people because the joints do not face the center of gravity of the body that is supported by water. Swimming is also known as a sport that connects all parts of the body, so it can have a good effect on the health of older people, such as overcoming arthritis.

The weight gained by water also makes it share the power-guiding properties of older people. Not only that, swimming is also useful for strengthening the heart.

2. Relaxing Path

This activity is an easy exercise and can be tried anywhere, so it is suitable for adults to try. For older people, walking is an energy-consuming exercise and burns calories.

Get used to walking regularly. Live at a simple level early this exercise begins. After that, increase the seriousness by choosing a route that climbs and decreases, so that heart health is maintained and blood vessels can flow easily.

3. Golf

Currently, golf is much liked by young children. Not only young children, this sport is also suitable for adults to try. A large golf square makes older people want to walk more often to get to their destination.

In addition, when swinging a golf dipper, this action makes the hand muscles more flexible and stronger. Not only hands, this exercise makes body muscles stronger, faster, and balances the body more optimally.

4. Yoga

Concentration is a gentle exercise that can increase the elasticity of older people, so they are less prone to injury. Carrying out concentration in an orderly manner can also help older people control their anger, so that psychological health is always maintained.

5. Stretching

Stretching or stretching needs to be tried every day. This is tried to protect muscle strength. Do the stretch in a long way, starting from the muscles of the neck, back, chest, stomach, hands, buttocks, to the feet.

Stretching also makes the body more flexible and less tired. It also teaches joints in the shoulder, wrist and foot, and knee areas.

6. Cycling

Pulling a bicycle row can strengthen the basic body of an older person and increase the ability of the heart. However, pay attention to the stability of the set of saddles and bicycle handles so that they are free from pelvic injuries.

Such is the type of exercise that is suitable for older people to try. Before exercising, don’t forget to warm up and use clothes or shoes that match the type of exercise you want to try. During the current pandemic, people are afraid to go to the hospital to consult the disease they are experiencing due to fear of being exposed to covid, assistant doctor salary is now here for you, assistentdoctor.com is ready to serve you 24 hours non-stop.

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